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I have been looking forward to Festiwool 2018 with both excitement and trepidation. My first proper craft fayre! What would be popular? Would I have enough stock? Would people like my wool?

I chose Festiwool in Hitchin as my first fayre as:

  • it’s a fayre for crafters rather than a regular craft fayre, where most attendees are crafters (spinners, weavers, crocheters, knitters, dyers, etc.) like myself rather than the general public
  • it’s local (only 5 minutes away from Twisted Yarns HQ)
  • and I love attending it myself

The whole family swung into action to help me get ready.

  • Child 1 helped make up gift boxes, Child 2 tried to unpack them. Child 1 also kept me company and helped spend some of the profit (on more yarn)
  • Hubby added custom handles to crochet crochet hooks, Child 2 tried to use them to eat his porridge
  • Mum looked after the boys whilst I was dyeing yarn
  • Hubby’s Dad printed stickers for me
  • Hubby’s Mum streamlined my stitch marker making process, and kept Child 2 entertained on the big day

As alluded to above I made a profit, which is great! I’ve learnt what works well and what needs to be improved, and have been boayed up by the lovely comments on the day about my yarn and the increased interest to my online shop.


My next craft fair will be Etsy Hertfordshire’s Etsy Made Local 2018 – Hertfordshire – Christmas Market


Like wool – but mini

Recently I have started crocheting with mini skeins. The added flexibility you get in terms of the contrast and variety of colours you can put into a project is great, but you still only pay for the same amount of wool. Also they look really cute.

I’ve even started making some of my own mini skeins and have them on my etsy store if you are interested.

Time Traveller Blue & Temporal Vortex

Blueberry Crush & Clear Skies

Going for Gold & Pacific

Time Traveller Blue & Circulation Mini

Nebula & Purple Haze


54 years of Dr Who

Is it really that long ago? How easy is it to lose track of time! Something else it is easy to lose track of, your place in a crochet or knitting project.  So in honour of that mad man in a box first hit our screens 54 years ago, I have made a set of Dr Who stitch markers.


Crochet and knitting Whovians wanting to make the Doctor’s scarf (there are lots of designs on can get their own Dalek, Tardis, Sonic Screwdriver, Gas Mask and watch markers from my Etsy store.




Crochet isn’t just about clothes – some old tubes, some spare wool (on the left) and raffia (right) and later that day…

I had two smart little pots to help us order the chaos our two boys leave in their wake.




If you are going do battle with your evil sisters over your father’s love you had better look the part, so here’s a shawl to help Shakespeare’s loving daughter.

You only need a single ball of King Cole Zig Zag sock weight yarn for this one.  The one shown below was using their ‘Mishmash’ colour.

As usual if you want to make this, or one of my other shawls or cowls yourself, you can find the kits on Etsy.



Here’s two of my Beatrice Cowls, the design is named after the heroine of one our favourite plays Much Ado About Nothing. They were made with DK yarn, and needed a 6mm crochet hook. The examples shown here were using:

  • ‘Foliage’ from King Cole’s Riot range
  • West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Print in ‘Rum Paradise’

Whilst I use King Cole’s wool a lot in other projects, I found the WYS’s range fair easier to work into this design.

If you would like to make a Beatrice cowl yourself I sell the kits on Etsy.