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I have been looking forward to Festiwool 2018 with both excitement and trepidation. My first proper craft fayre! What would be popular? Would I have enough stock? Would people like my wool?

I chose Festiwool in Hitchin as my first fayre as:

  • it’s a fayre for crafters rather than a regular craft fayre, where most attendees are crafters (spinners, weavers, crocheters, knitters, dyers, etc.) like myself rather than the general public
  • it’s local (only 5 minutes away from Twisted Yarns HQ)
  • and I love attending it myself

The whole family swung into action to help me get ready.

  • Child 1 helped make up gift boxes, Child 2 tried to unpack them. Child 1 also kept me company and helped spend some of the profit (on more yarn)
  • Hubby added custom handles to crochet crochet hooks, Child 2 tried to use them to eat his porridge
  • Mum looked after the boys whilst I was dyeing yarn
  • Hubby’s Dad printed stickers for me
  • Hubby’s Mum streamlined my stitch marker making process, and kept Child 2 entertained on the big day

As alluded to above I made a profit, which is great! I’ve learnt what works well and what needs to be improved, and have been boayed up by the lovely comments on the day about my yarn and the increased interest to my online shop.


My next craft fair will be Etsy Hertfordshire’s Etsy Made Local 2018 – Hertfordshire – Christmas Market