These little bags may look odd, but they are actually made with clothing. Usually, once clothes are beyond repair, I usually send them off for recycling. However, there is usually a good amount of perfectly good fabric there as well as worn out material. So, I decided to cut out the useable part and make them into drawstring bags for my stitch markers to go into. Then, the bits of fabric that can’t be used either go on my compost (if it is a natural material) or go for recycling. The drawstring is aran weight cotton I had hanging around. Hopefully, these will get a few more years use out of them now they have a new use. #recycled #upcycled #sustainablefashion

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I have been looking forward to Festiwool 2018 with both excitement and trepidation. My first proper craft fayre! What would be popular? Would I have enough stock? Would people like my wool?

I chose Festiwool in Hitchin as my first fayre as:

  • it’s a fayre for crafters rather than a regular craft fayre, where most attendees are crafters (spinners, weavers, crocheters, knitters, dyers, etc.) like myself rather than the general public
  • it’s local (only 5 minutes away from Twisted Yarns HQ)
  • and I love attending it myself

The whole family swung into action to help me get ready.

  • Child 1 helped make up gift boxes, Child 2 tried to unpack them. Child 1 also kept me company and helped spend some of the profit (on more yarn)
  • Hubby added custom handles to crochet crochet hooks, Child 2 tried to use them to eat his porridge
  • Mum looked after the boys whilst I was dyeing yarn
  • Hubby’s Dad printed stickers for me
  • Hubby’s Mum streamlined my stitch marker making process, and kept Child 2 entertained on the big day

As alluded to above I made a profit, which is great! I’ve learnt what works well and what needs to be improved, and have been boayed up by the lovely comments on the day about my yarn and the increased interest to my online shop.


My next craft fair will be Etsy Hertfordshire’s Etsy Made Local 2018 – Hertfordshire – Christmas Market

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The gift of The Doctor

Our house is full of massive Doctor Who fans. So when considering what the theme for my first gift box would be I didn’t really have to think too hard.

This yarn gift box contains everything a crocheting/knitting whovian will need. Each box contains:

  • Some of my hand dyed yarn. You can choose either of the following in a variety of weights (all detailed on my etsy page):
    • Solid Time Travellers Blue
    • Variegated Temporal Vortex and you can choose from the following bases:
    • Sock
    • DK
    • Aran and chunky can be dyed for you as a custom order.
  • 5 Dr Who inspired stitch markers
  • 2 Dr Who inspired soaps
  • a handmade crochet hook
  • a Doctor Who inspired sticker




Anja Toonen‘s crochet stool animals are lovely, really fun to crochet and make a lovely unique present for any little one. I was given the books and two stools as a project to try out by my kids for mother’s day (they know I love crochet, but there was an ulterior motive here I think).

There was much debate about who we should make first, and we settled on the dinosaur, child one being a mini paleontologist.

The yarn I selected was Style Craft Special Chunky from my favourite online supplier Wool Warehouse.  Child one pointed out as we have no idea what colour dinosaurs were a pink and blue dinosaur would be fine. However, we settled with Heather for the body  and socks (2 balls), Kharki for the scales (1 ball) and White for the snout and toes (1 ball).

I am really pleased with how it came out and the boys really love him (child two kept trying to feed him leaves whilst we were photographing him for the site) and we are looking forward to making him a companion, probably a lion (dinosaurs and lions were friends right?).


Meet Shedwina

As far as models go, none come more accommodating than Shedwina. She’s a great listener, rarely gets bored whilst you trying to get ‘that’ photograph and absolutely loves crocheted clothes.

Here she is modeling my handmade crocheted Adora shawl in a red and blue colourway. It measures 41 inches in width and 25 inches in length, that 104cm by 63cm in new money. As you can see, Shedwina loves Adora as it can be worn both with the triangle at the front as a scarf and also as a traditional shawl. Perfect to keep you warm on cold wintery days.


Luisa xxx