Anja Toonen‘s crochet stool animals are lovely, really fun to crochet and make a lovely unique present for any little one. I was given the books and two stools as a project to try out by my kids for mother’s day (they know I love crochet, but there was an ulterior motive here I think).

There was much debate about who we should make first, and we settled on the dinosaur, child one being a mini paleontologist.

The yarn I selected was Style Craft Special Chunky from my favourite online supplier Wool Warehouse.  Child one pointed out as we have no idea what colour dinosaurs were a pink and blue dinosaur would be fine. However, we settled with Heather for the body  and socks (2 balls), Kharki for the scales (1 ball) and White for the snout and toes (1 ball).

I am really pleased with how it came out and the boys really love him (child two kept trying to feed him leaves whilst we were photographing him for the site) and we are looking forward to making him a companion, probably a lion (dinosaurs and lions were friends right?).

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