Stitch markers

Oh Grandma what big stitch markers you have…

“All the better to keep my place in my crochet project.”

Our eldest loves the tale of Little Red Riding Hood in all it’s forms.  I don’t think we have discovered a version he does not like, from the classic version by the Brothers Grimm and the charming Clever Polly and Stupid Wolf, to Roald Dahl’s hilarious rebellious Revolting Rhymes and the wonderful The Cat, the Dog, Little Red, the Exploding Eggs, the Wolf, and Grandma, he likes them all.  So when I considered doing a fairy tale set of stitch markers there was only one tale I was going to do first.

The set includes Red herself , the big bad wolf, a tree, an axe, Grandma’s cottage and Grandma’s glasses. All use a large lobster clasp which makes them ideal for crochet.  These Little Red Riding Hood stitch markers and others can be found on my Etsy store

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