Here’s a sneak preview of some items coming to Twisted Yarns

I've been working on something recently which I have been dyeing to share....sorry. However, yes I have been dyeing my own yarn. I have just started out with plain colours as it seems best to start simple. However, I really want to work up to skeins with multiple colours in them. They are available on… Continue reading Here’s a sneak preview of some items coming to Twisted Yarns


Crochet isn't just about clothes - some old tubes, some spare wool (on the left) and raffia (right) and later that day... I had two smart little pots to help us order the chaos our two boys leave in their wake.


If you are going do battle with your evil sisters over your father's love you had better look the part, so here's a shawl to help Shakespeare's loving daughter. You only need a single ball of King Cole Zig Zag sock weight yarn for this one.  The one shown below was using their 'Mishmash' colour.… Continue reading Cordelia


This was the first shawl I designed, measuring 41'' wide and 25'' long.  It can be worn both with the triangle at the front as a scarf and also as a traditional shawl. Perfect to keep any princess of Eternia warm on cold wintery days. If you would like to make one yourself I sell it as… Continue reading Adora